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Feet Up, Shades On!

Madison River Tubing


Guided Tubing

Having a party and looking to send the kids on an adventure without you? On these occasions it may be time to call on a tube guide. Our tube guide will accompany the kiddos on the tube trip and make sure they have a good time with out getting into too much mischief. Kids want to float, splash around and play. The tube guide will let them while at the same time making sure they don't float into an area and get stuck. They will also make sure they take out at the right stop and that no one gets left behind.
  • $100 for up to 10 kids
  • $150 for up to 20 kids

Raft Chaperone

Having a group float and not enough space for your coolers and snacks? Have a raft chaperone come with the trip. Tubers can hook up to the raft and have a group float or just visit the raft when you need a snack or beverage. Our raft chaperone can row around to make sure the group has what they need.
  • $200 for one raft with rower provided