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Madison River Tubing Rentals
Looking to float the river on your own or explore one of the beautiful local mountain lakes? We have you covered with daily rentals of tubes, standup paddle boards, rafts, inflatable kayaks, drift boats, PFD's & floating coolers. Or are you trying to enhance your inflatable adventure? Madison River Tubing rents coolers, cooler floats, waterproof bluetooth speakers and more! We know that convenience is key to your summer fun, so we offer a flexible pick-up and return policy.
Deluxe Single Tube

" These are not truck tire rubber tubes that have an annoying valve. Our deluxe tubes from Aire are engineered for comfort and fun. They sport a soft shell over an inflatable bladder so you will stay afloat for the whole run. These tubes also feature a mesh bottom so you can't fall through. Small kids can sit in the center and get wet without falling out!

$14 per day  
Standup Paddle Boards
Standup Paddle Boarding is a great way to get a new perspective on the water and to get a work out in the process. We have a plethora of boards, mostly inflatables and a few rigid options, from an assortment of companies: Boardworks, NRS, BIC and SOL. We can accomadate most adventurers with a variety of sizes and even have a couple boards made specifically for children! Our boards can accommodate up to 250 lbs.

$32 per day$22 per additional day   
Types of Boards & Sizing:
  • Boardworks SHUBU 10'
  • Boardworks SHUBU 10' 7"
  • Boardworks Badfish 10' 6"
  • NRS Tyrant 4'
  • NRS Czar 6'
  • NRS Jester - Youth 9'
  • BIC Rigid - Hard SUP
  • SOL Family of Boards
Bic Sport SUP Windsurfer
Tributary Raft

A 13' Self-Bailing Paddle Raft constructed of HD PVC. Tough enough to punch through adrenaline filled rapids, but also suitable for a float down your favorite lazy river. Whether you are seeking an adventure or just some quality family fun, the Tributary has everything you need to explore our local waters.

Rental includes: raft, paddles, pump, anchor & life jackets

$65 per day$50 per additional day  
Inflatable Kayak - Tandem
Inflatable Kayak -Adult Single
Inflatable Kayak -Youth Single

Canoing is one of America's favorite past-times. Montana has plenty of lakes and streams to be explored and a canoe is one of the best ways to do so! We have one Dagger 16' canoe and one Mad River 17' canoe.

Rental includes: Canoe, paddles, life jackets, loading straps & foam blocks to protect your roof

$35 per day$25 per additional day  
Recon PackRaft
PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

Personal Floatation Devices are the perfect way to take the worry out of floating. Should you fall in the water, the PFD will keep you floating. We have PFD's for those weighing 30lbs and up. *Note: PFD's are included with all tube trips and equipment rentals.

$5 per day  
Water Friendly Bluetooth Speaker

Bring your tunes with you on the river with a bluetooth waterproof speaker! Rental includes a waterproof bag for your phone.

$10 per day  

Be sure to read Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' PFD requirements before using any sort of watercraft. If you do not follow the laws, you are putting yourself and others in danger and you may be issued a fine by law enforcement.

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